Sprint Workout Motivation – Sun of a Beach

Sprint Workout Motivation – Sun of a Beach. Get out there and follow your dreams. I (Chris Pisani) shot this video on a cold morning (40’s) in October at Menauhant beach in falmouth, Ma. I meant to say sunrise at the end there, not sunset. It was 7am-8:30am. Also I cut all my hair off since filming this, just letting you know so you recognize me in future videos. It’s great to get in the gym, but it’s optimal for muscular development and health of your neuronal muscular recruitment ability when you do high intensity full body exercises like sprinting. …

Life Goes On

NE Body CEO Chris Pisani lost his brother Frank last year, but local hip hop artist Jay Benedetto, who also lost his brother last year, made a tribute song/video for their brothers. Check out the song: “Life Goes On” on Jay Benedetto’s Soundcloud, Facebook page and Youtube channel. A huge thank you to Jay Benedetto for doing this, it was truly special. Show him some love by liking and sharing his music please. #LifeGoesOn #JayBenedetto “Life goes on” video: https://youtu.be/juStl-Q35eQ “My life story”: https://youtu.be/WbpibU8y_2w “Playa’z anthem”: https://m.soundcloud.com/jay-be…/playaz-anthem-jay-benedetto “Life Goes On”(audio only): https://m.soundcloud.com/jay-benedetto/life-goes-on-tribute-to-mike-frank-pisani

NE Body Trailer

Video from the about page on nebody.com. This is intended to give you an idea of how NE Body was started and some backstory about NE Body CEO Chris Pisani. Please subscribe to NE Body on YouTube so you don’t miss future video posts.

The Key to True Success

Share this Post The author of this post wrote a book you should read! Click to find out more! It teaches you everything you need to know about dieting to get that ‘next level’ physique you’ve always dreamed of            We now live in a time where food is readily available in grocery stores and we no longer have to risk our lives to get a piece of steak. Although it can be expensive to eat quality meats and fish all the time. That’s why today’s society is so backwards, because it’s not the smartest hunter, …

How to look like a Greek God

Guess What!The author of this post wrote a book that would change your LIFE! Click here to find out more!It's called: Dieting for a World-Class PhysiqueIt teaches you how to diet during a workout program to maximize your results and get ripped!Click Me!Share this Post  The Ancient Greek Physique An account of the athletics, training and nutrition of the peoples of ancient Greece By: Chris Pisani Ancient Greece Seminar 12/9/14 (Grade= 94%)                Βodybuilding is very much so inspired by ancient Greece. Look at any sculpture or painting of a human from ancient Greece ...